Robert Salthouse Photography | About
My passion for photography revolves around the challenges of using this medium to capture something profound about the world and to do so using light in its many manifestations. The image is all.

My photography covers multiple areas. Travel provides opportunities to see the world and its people differently. Nature and landscape photography provide an opportunity to attempt to put aside the self-absorption and overwhelming influence of the human species, by recognizing that the world is inhabited by and belongs to millions of other species of living things. And it doesn't stop with just those genres; I see the world around me and I photograph it.

Some background. My interest in this medium started in childhood with a Kodak Brownie and photo-store prints (remember those?). It expanded to more advanced cameras – a twins-lens reflex and an SLR – and included black and white darkroom work. Having started in the era of B&W prints and color slides, I am now enthusiastic about the possibilities of digital photography, since I spent much of my career in the field of information technology. My old film cameras sit on a shelf while I now work with a digital point-and-shoot (for hiking and travelling) and a more advanced DSLR. Now, RAW has taken the place of film negatives. Still, technology is only a means; a compelling image remains the goal.